Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Alchoholism... binge drinking... being sociable?

This is quite an awkward subject really. I grew up with an alcoholic dad. His father was also an alchoholic, and his brother is pretty damn dependant on the stuff too. It should have really put me off any sort of booze what so ever, but it hasn’t. It didn’t stop me going out last Sunday, and getting so drunk I can’t remember anything... except that I walked (well, attempted to anyway) home with a guy I quite like, confessing my undying love for him. (well, I did something like that... I think. Hes fine with me now though, all's not lost!).

Alchohol is everywhere. Kids are drinking a partys when their 12 now, instead of playing truth or dare. People are on park benches drinking whatever pittance the actually have away. People are sat in pubs everynight, drinking their problems away, instead of going home to talk. Even with the credit cruch, binge drinking is at its highest ever. Statistics show that 50% of 14 – 15 year olds have taken part in binge drinking – thats quite high for 14 years olds, right? 50% of street crime comes solely from alchohol... thats quite high too right?

There's so much of it now there are many labels which follow too.

‘Alchoholism’... dependency. ‘Binge drinking’... getting lashed just... ‘cause? Being ‘sociable’... Having one with friends?
I don’t think theres anything really wrong with having a few with some friends. Its nice to get a bit tiddly and have a good laugh. It's the effects when you are actually lashed thats scary. People take advantage. Unless youve always got a sober, tough guy of a friend to protect you, it is actually scarily dangerous. I think most girls now have gotten themselves in a stupid postion whilst loving the attention. Most lads have probably been involved in fights or arguments whilst feeling invincible. Is it worth it? Should we go back to the days my mum tells me about? Where no alcohol was served after 10pm, anywhere? Should the government increase the price of cheap booze, would it even solve any of the problems? Or would the Government and Tescos just make a bit more money?

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