Thursday, 11 March 2010


I am a non smoker. But unlike most non smokers, I am not against others smoking. Some of my close family and friends smoke, and when I was growing up, I constantly told my mum/dad/brother etc to give up. No one has. I’ve soon learned to stop bugging people about it. It’s their own choice, if you want to inhale toxic nicotine for your own pleaser, then do so. See if I care. It only causes 46,000 people in Britain to die of cancer, and a further 40,000 to die of heart disease.
I find the inside smoking ban really annoying as well. Whenever I’m out, I always seem to be the one left looking after the table or drinks or bags/phones etc whilst everyone goes out for a natter and a smoke. I almost feel quite bitter and left out, when people come back in drunkenly giggling at some joke, whilst I’ve just been completely abandoned, with a pervy guy staring at me - the loner in the corner. It’s almost as if I’m being punished, in the naughty corner for NOT smoking?!

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