Sunday, 21 March 2010


Personally, I don't mind swearing. I guess it's because I'm 18, in a rough-ish area and I'm used to it. I do swear myself, probably a bit too much. However, I do try not to swear when I'm on a bus full of old ladies or infront of children for example. I do understand that it can offend and try to limit myself.
The last time I was on a bus, I heard profanities coming from 5ish and 8ish year olds, and found that I was the only one who actually noticed that their mother was not only sitting next to them, but let them carry on too. Where do the boundarys lie? Is there any difference between swearing on your own and swearing in public? Is there any difference between older and younger people swearing?
Swearing has just become natural over the years. Swear words used to have specific meanings however nowadays you can easily intergrate most swear words into any sentance. Most of the time swearing is used to show emotions, mainly anger and fustrationg, however you can quite easily swear in any situation.
I think most of the younger generation seemed to have become accustomed to swearing. Even blasphemy isn't frowned upon that much anymore.
Maybe in years to come swearing will be an even bigger part of everyday life, and 99% of people will swear. Maybe it'd make life better for some to be able to express emotions easier, instead of keeping anger pent up all the time.


  1. I remember my mum and dad swearing so I think a lot of people get it from others. I'm 19 and my mum still tells me off for swearing!! I think some people don't mind swearing where as others do. There is nothing wrong with searing. As silly as it sound but I would never swear in found of my nan...... just something that I would never do.

  2. I agree with Hannah when she implies that everyone’s swears. I don’t think there is a difference or where or when you swear, because everyone does it and if they tell you otherwise they are probably lying. I agree that there are certain people you try to refrain from swearing in front of- to me if I swear I try not to do it in front of older people or younger because I feel it shows respect- plus you do not want little children picking up swear words, it’s not nice! I also think swearing is a big part of our society now and it is like a second nature to us- it’s like it’s programmed into us. Overall, I agree with near enough all the aspects Hannah has made and I feel she addresses the topic really well.