Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Violent Video Games

There is a big controversy over video games at the moment. As time progresses, video games are growing to a much higher spec than what we’ve seen before. Games have grown from just straight PacMan to games like Grand Theft Auto. A lot of people are scared of the effects it’s having on people now. Some people find games to be quite addictive, playing numerous games at all hours and, even if they’re not addicted, it’s hard to leave a game mid way, or stop playing until it’s completed. With the special life like effects games have now, it is easy for people to feel as if they are in the game, and when “winning”, can feel a major high. Although games are usually given age certificates, it is extremely easy for someone underage to get hold of them, second hand sales, internet, downloading, and sometimes parents/careers will overlook the age thinking there’s no harm.Are violent video games making people more violent in real life? Is letting children play these letting the game play with their mind?
Some research has shown that those playing violent games have a link to higher aggression levels in real life. I think that just because someone plays a game involving killing, doesn’t mean the person will go out and kill. I do think however that it affects aggression levels, and it is easy to see that things such as knife crime and GHB have grown as video gaming and effects have grown.

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  1. Yes that is one thing I believe, that playing games does not encourage killing, but aggravates an individual to fight or show aggression. I have so seen underage children getting hold of these over 18 games. To be fair they are so advanced, thinking about my days as a teen I was a lost bucket, looking at what children play now woow. Me myself play games but find some games really disgusting, you have like sex, swearing and also lying, all being bad topics. I think that there should be limits with these games, thinking about it pacman and space invaders best game ever. Don’t see why children can’t play games like that. I find it funny how famous some of these games are, the more swearing, murdering and missions to kill, the more you have to have it. I find these games useless, but when it comes to chilling I guess you can call it fun....