Saturday, 3 April 2010


I think that abortion should be legal and available everywhere. If it wasn't numbers of women harming themselves in order to abort the baby themselves would soar. So would the numbers of unwanted and neglected children. I think abortion is up to each woman individually. The option should always be available.
Personally, I don't really agree with abortion. Especially in cases where women have had multiple abortions which have come from their own carelessness and drunken mistakes.
I think you should always follow pregnancies through. You cannot get rid of a life to fix your mistake.
But, what if you were raped? Where would you stand then? If you'd experienced something so traumatic, how could you bring a child up, when every time you looked at his/her face you just felt your pain and upset?
What if you were on the pill and fell pregnant just through a random chance? If you weren't expecting a baby then 9/10 you won't be prepared. Where would the money, time and space come from?! Is it better to abort the child then to bring it up in a home where it's not really wanted... let it have a hard life?
What if the baby is damaging the mothers health? Should she carry on with the pregnancy knowing she may die before/during birth?

One thing that i really don't agree with though, is the abortion limit of 24 weeks. I think this should be lowered, as babies born at 24 weeks have a 50% chance of survival. I think that's too high of a rate to be aborting at.

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  1. I totally agree abortion should be legal and available for women. If they have a genuine case for an abortion like a disabled child, rape, money and partners problems etc. Because if a woman can not possibly cope, then it would affect her physical and mental health and can become a great struggle on her. A baby is just not right for some women even though sometimes they get blessed with one.

    Abortion is not right when women used it as a contraception for there stupidity and carelessness and should not be allowed .If it happens once then I think there is a right for a person to have a abortion because everyone make mistakes .Although if it is repeated more than once it’s wrong.

    Your last point you made on the 24 weeks being the limit for an abortion being perform. I completely against it and want it to be lowered because to me at 24 weeks it’s a baby. At this age a baby can survive outside the womb if it premature so I believe it should not be killed in an abortion.