Thursday, 25 March 2010


Prostitution = buying sexy time. ;)

Well, I've been reading all about prostitution, and I haven't really got a problem with the idea of it. It's one of the oldest professions and if somebody wants to make money that way, and are 100% happy to do so. Why not?

I think it'd be fine if there were more regulated brothels, which makes it ALOT safer. Some places are known to keep it as safe and clean as possible, by having panic buttons and ensuring hygene etc.
If you're willing to do it, there's plenty of money to be made. ((On another thought aswell, it might even make streets safer. I know it's just a thought, but if men could easily have access to prostitutes, maybe some of the physcos wouldn't stoop to rape to get their kicks??))

However, reality is far from it... Now sex trafficking is at it's all time high, and will probably just increase. Even children are trafficked now. 40% of Thailands prostitutes are children. In Eastern Europe, they're even sold by their own families. People are constrantly being kidnapped and passed on like parcels, and there's nothing they can do about it. Currently men are being remanded in custody that are from the street next to my old College for 'pimping' girls as young as 13, getting them hooked on drugs and using them as personal sex slaves. It's everywhere now.

I thought this blog would be quite an easy one, but instead it's made me step back and think. "Woah. What a sick world we live in."

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