Sunday, 28 March 2010

Underage Sex

Underage sex is a difficult one I think. I lost my virginity underage; I think a lot of people have. You can’t stop teenagers having sex, even if it’s illegal. There’s so much peer pressure and sex-related things around youth now. I mean, watch some music videos... the sexual content in some of them is just... WOAH. Look at Lady Gaga & Beyonce... at one point lady Gaga is wearing just police tape!! I had sex education when I was 10, and now I think they’ve lowered the age... it’s a good thing. I think it really needs to be drilled into teenager’s heads to practise safe sex. One assembly when you’re ten just isn’t good enough. If you can’t stop them, then teach them to be adult about it. There should be no hush hush beating around the bush. Parents should be a lot more open about it. If they weren’t taught about it early on and their parents are strict about it, then it’ll just make the situation worse. The consent age should stay the same at 16, and kids should be taught about sex more... It’ll l stop some unwanted pregnancies and STD’s.

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